Whether it’s a graphic for social media, an image for a website’s homepage or a photo to accompany a blog post, each image needs to effectively present your brand in its best light to get the most out of your marketing. But did you know that images can also significantly boost engagement and drive traffic across multiple channels if they’re optimized correctly?

“There are tons of stats and research out there about how the brain reads visuals” Chrisine White, Co-Marketing Manager at HubSpot, INC. said. “That’s really helpful in justifying the time spent to create visuals, but what really matters is seeing the conversion rates increase because of effective imagery in all of our marketing assets, and seeing how great visuals really do move the needle for our lead-gen team.”

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By understanding how imagery affects emotions and examining what audiences respond to, you can get the most out of the content you create.

That’s why iStock by Getty Images and HubSpot teamed up to provide the 12 rules for elevating your marketing with visual content: from ensuring your audience develops a positive opinion of your brand to increasing your website’s conversion rates by using the right images at the right time. Our latest ebook, 12 Rules for Using Marketing Imagery Effectively, provides rules from both brands on how to make strategic imagery choices.

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“Imagery is one of the main ways we communicate,” iStock by Getty Images’ Director of Creative Planning Rebecca Swift said. “Great images that are emotionally compelling and tell a story have tremendous impact in terms of hooking people in and driving desired behaviors. Smart image choices ultimately combine the analytical and emotional side of your business. We’re thrilled to merge our visual industry knowledge with HubSpot’s deep understanding of attracting the right audience and offer 12 valuable rules that any digital marketer can easily follow to get the most out of their content.”

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