The 4th FotoEvidence Book Award has recognized Reportage photographer Majid Saeedi as 2014 winner, for his work “Life in War”.

416796_10102014473670499_1122630954_nA religious teacher punishes his student. The absence of a proper educational system in the country’s schools leads few children to enroll or quit school after a short period to work instead.

A salesman in the women’s section of the Kandahar bazaar shows customers his wares. Despite daily incidents by a growing Taliban population in Kandahar people continue their ordinary lives in the streets of the city.

A morning military exercise in the police academy in Kabul.


A group of Afghan National Army soldiers in northern Afghanistan during operations against the Islamist opposition.


An Afghan girl practices Vosho in a gym in Heart.

Members of the Afghan National Police training at their base in the center of Kabul.


Afghans gather during the celebration of Nowruz, near the Kart-e Sakhi mosque in Kabul.

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