Apple is no stranger to show-stopping ads, and their latest is no exception. The 30-second spot for the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar opens with literal explosions of color – bursts of bright powder, alternately sped up and slowed down, erupting across the screens of their newest laptop models. The effect is immediately eye-catching in its excitement and unexpectedness – something fun, messy, and beautiful, gone askew.

It’s also an excellent example of a trend called “Messthetics,” that the global creative team at Getty Images predicted would affect our visual world in 2016.

This trend focuses on images which have an aesthetic that celebrates dirt, debris and disorder, and is born out of a desire to break away from the sanitation and predictability of everyday life.

An extended video focusing on design, performance, and features of the MacBook Pro takes the trend a step further. Interspersed with continued color bombs, viewers look on as Apple’s technology is dissected, layers of the machine pulling apart in midair to reveal the beautiful mess of the computer’s interior.

“This trend has a spirit of unpredictability and wonder, which can enable brands to create powerful campaigns and experiences,” Getty Senior Art Director Gemma Fletcher said. “It’s a counterintuitive approach with huge potential to stand out in a busy marketplace.”


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