Getty Images’ award-winning team of art directors continually pushes visual boundaries with their inventive, thought-provoking and imaginative imagery. While they are always looking ahead to express the trends of tomorrow, we asked them to reflect on the past and share their favorite shoots from 2015.


Amy Lehfeldt, Senior Art Director
“The concept for this shoot was to create an out of control, irreverent pool party—I wanted it to scream summer and freedom. The photographer shot from the water to create a more immersive point of view so the viewer can feel like they’re part of the fun. Shooting this was a blast; everybody involved was game to have a great time and that’s why it worked.”

Masaaki Kobayashi, Art Director
“For this shoot, we wanted to showcase women who are working in STEM fields (science, tech, engineering and math). It was exciting to experience being in a laboratory with such high tech scientific equipment and to see the most expensive clean room in the country. The robot we photographed was incredibly impressive. It was much smarter than we expected and amazing to see it do things like find its way out of a maze or play soccer.”

Lauren Catten, Art Director
“The concept of the shoot was to show the beauty of the body in an abstract way. We wanted to show beautiful limbs and skin without the traditional female poses you usually see when flesh is the focus. I was very proud with the final results and think it was a brilliantly executed. The images really stand out because they demonstrate the beauty of the body, and at the same time, are graphically striking and engaging.”

Gemma Fletcher, Senior Art Director
“The shoot was about Futurists—people across different industries who are harnessing the power of technology to push the boundaries of human ability. We photographed a spectrum of people from enthusiastic amateurs to cyborgs. Each shoot was an adventure; we never quite knew what we would find. We had offers to pass electrical currents through our brain, David (the photographer) went inside himself as a child to look back at himself as an adult through virtual reality and we met a man who can receive information from outer space directly to his brain.”

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