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Getty Images files comments with US Copyright Office

Encouraging innovation and evolution in protecting visual works in the digital marketplace.

Who owns that picture? Getty Images CEO talks copyright at Yale

“Our business depends on copyright and a respect for intellectual property,” Getty Images Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Klein said recently at Yale School of Management. “The negative is that people on the Web have been habituated into thinking that intellectual property is free. …. [Now] There’s much more of an appreciation for the fact that […]

Copyright and creativity

Learn more about how copyright helps fuel creativity and inspire artists to create new work. Discover how copyright works in the real world with a copyright primer, a case study and a glossary.

Copyright in the news

Looking for the latest news stories about copyright? Want to see what’s at issue and who thinks what about copyright matters? Here, Getty Images presents a selection of copyright articles, adds our views and invites comments.

Copyright case studies

Many of the case studies at the links below illustrate an important element of copyright and may help guide you in the future. Sometimes, the best way to understand legal concepts like copyright is to see how they function in specific situations.

Protecting your work

Photographs are automatically protected by copyright from the moment they are created. It’s wise to register your copyright and take preventive measures to protect your creations.