Communicating visually on social platforms has become increasingly important for brands, but how can they create ‘swipe-stopping images’ that keep users engaged and interested in the content?

Jessica Ann, CEO & Creative Director of Jessica Ann Media caught up with our team at iStock to offer four essential tips that all small businesses and brands should adhere to when using social platforms:

1. Put your customer’s imagination in the driver’s seat

“The best visuals often leave things open to interpretation, and especially the imagination.”



This Audi advert lets the consumer create the context around the image, allowing them to fill in the gaps to create their own vision, giving them the “courage to reimagine what’s possible” whilst driving an Audi.

2. Pinterest & Instagram: Show your visual journey

Instagram and Pinterest are two great platforms that allow a brand to express themselves visually but the two platforms are distinctly different in how they communicate with consumers:

  • Instagram is a personable platform and allows a brand to find its human side by sharing personal photos about you and what your company does.
  • It is important to choose themes to convey the tone and style of your brand so you can showcase your unique perspective.
  • Pinterest imagery tends to get a lift in quality; so iPhone pictures will not do on here. For this reason the imagery tends to be less personal but allows you to create distinctive mood-boards to inspire your customers.

Thread, Button and scissors on the table

3. Play nicely with other platforms

Be careful how you use multiple platforms in a social strategy, as you don’t want to be continually posting the same messaging on Twitter, Facebook and every other platform you use. Be selective and create consistent messages across the platform that compliment each other:

  • Try to Combine some Instagram and Twitter posts to tell a visual story on your Twitter feed.
  • Choosing the right image is important: when selecting imagery, make sure to be open-minded and less specific when searching for the right photo as the most appropriate image will often surface when you search in a larger theme.
  • Use the Pinterest ‘Pin it’ button allowing visitors to pin the images in your articles on their Pinterest feed.

4. Show your silly side

Show off the different elements of your products and services by showcasing the silly, lighter side of your brand. This can help to attract the best types of customers, serious one who don’t take themselves too seriously!



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