“Love is just love”

Juri Pozzi knows how to make himself invisible.

“Often when I’m taking a picture people don’t even notice me, and that’s what I like,” the iStock by Getty Images photographer said recently from his home in Florence, Italy. “It’s the only way to take very natural, candid pictures.”

The intimate moment he captured between two women in a park is one great example. It’s unpretentious and real – two characteristics which make it a natural choice for brands to use in advertising. In fact, a major online auction company chose it for its Valentine’s Day campaign, and no doubt its authenticity was why.

But Pozzi did not know these women when he photographed them. So how did he get such a natural looking shot?

“I took that picture very close to where I live,” Pozzi said. “There was a group of young people having fun in the park, and I asked them if I could take some pictures.”

To Pozzi’s surprise, the group was open to the idea.

“It’s not always that easy. Often people don’t want someone standing in front of them taking pictures,” he said. “So I use a very small camera. This way there is not a big object between me and the subject, and the subjects don’t feel under attack.”




As he often does, Pozzi spent time building a rapport with his subjects. Eventually, they began to think of him more as a friend than a photographer.

“I tried to get to know them,” he said. “Then, while we spoke, I took a few pictures.”

Pozzi stayed with the friends until the sun began to set, talking and photographing. That’s when he caught the moment between two of the women in the group.

Pozzi hopes images like this one will help break down stereotypes.

“When I took this picture, I wasn’t thinking, ‘Is this homosexual love or heterosexual love?’” he said. “I think love is just love.

“Actually, I don’t know if these women are lesbians or just very good friends, and I don’t need to know. I just see two women who love each other. They look very natural — that’s what I look for in my pictures.”

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