How technology enables Al Bello to shoot outside the box and embrace mistakes

“I wanted to go out there and try something I’ve never done before.” Getty Images Sport photographer Al Bello has shot nearly every major sporting event and has the highest quality equipment at his disposal. But on a recent shoot at the Park Hill Boxing Club with light heavyweight boxer Marcus Browne, he decided to […]

Ezra Shaw shoots, scores: Photographer feeds off basketball’s excitement

 “As a photographer, you really feed off of that excitement at the arena. The buzzer goes off and you want to make sure you get that big picture.” Athletes are no strangers to pressure. They have to perform at the top of their game, every game. Sports photographers hold themselves to the same standards. “At […]

Photographer Adam Pretty on the unexpected moments that keep him passionate

“Shooting a live action event, it’s almost like a condensed version of everyday life.” Photographer Adam Pretty has been to almost every corner of the world, including time spent living in Sydney, LA, Beijing, Tokyo and Munich. Hear the stories behind some of his most iconic images and find out what keeps him hungry for […]

How to get ad-ready football images that look like the real thing

Lots of brands need real-looking football shots to use in their ads. There’s only one problem: These images are insanely hard to get. The solution? Rent a stadium, custom-design uniforms, hire some former players and play ball. See how it turned out:   See all the football images from the shoot by Getty Images Prestige […]

Boxing and beyond: Photographer Ezra Shaw’s up-close look at sport in Cuba

Getty Images photographer Ezra Shaw went to Cuba to photograph sport — boxing, stickball, soccer — and found dedication and warmth. This is his story.

Photographer goes to great heights for shot of Olympic fencer Azza Besbes

This image is of fencer Azza Besbes, of Tunisia, at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. For me, it sums up what the Olympics is all about; that one moment after all those years of hard work. And getting the Olympic rings in the picture is the icing on the cake. We had amazing up-top access which […]

Matthias Hangst looks back on his success so far

Matthias Hangst discusses his successful career as a sports photographer and the experience of covering the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Olympic judo: Capturing exhaustion from above

I was shooting the 2012 Olympic judo competition for eight hours at the London ExCeL venue. The robotic camera I was working with had been set up for the wrestling events, but we were also using it to capture the judo competitions. The robotic cameras are great, as we get in places that we couldn’t […]

Behind the ropes: Ezra Shaw photographs the Masters

Getty Images staff photographer Ezra Shaw has won countless awards and covered the biggest sporting events across the globe. He’s shot Super Bowls, the Summer and Winter Olympics, World Series, World Cup and Tour de France, to name a few. But it wasn’t until 2014 that he was finally able to cross the Masters golf […]

Christian Petersen shoots the Super Bowl (this time, from his back yard)

Getty Images Sport Photographer Christian Petersen discusses his career, inspirations and shooting the Super Bowl in his hometown of Phoenix.

Year in Focus | 10 best US sports moments of 2014

As we release our Year in Focus e-book highlighting the best photography from 2014, we ask our editors to select some of their favorite pictures of the year. Getty Images Sport’s Maxx Wolfson presents ten incredible images that tell the biggest American sports stories of 2014:   #458579566 / Scroll-over for caption There are few things better […]

Year in Focus | A look back at the year in European sports photography

As we release our Year in Focus e-book highlighting the best photography from 2014, we ask our experts across the business for their personal selection from the year. Sports Assignment Editor Martin Willets and Sports Picture Editor John Childs have each picked five standout sporting moments from 2014, taken by our European photographers, and shared with us the reason […]

Year in Focus | The Haka in black and white

The story behind this incredible image of the New Zealand All Blacks Sevens rugby team’s rain-soaked Haka.

Year in Focus | Best Formula 1 pictures of 2014

As we release our Year in Focus e-book highlighting the best photography from 2014, we ask our experts across the business for their personal selection from the year. Formula 1 Photographer Mark Thompson has put together this selection of some of his top pictures of the year:

Al Bello shares his career defining moments

Al Bello, Chief Sports Photographer for Getty Images in North America, delivers an informative and inspiring talk about the defining moments of his career.