Four tips for incorporating vectors into your work

When it seems like photography just isn’t the right medium for what you’re working on, don’t forget about the creative power of illustrations. In the hands of a talented and capable artist, the right combination of lines, curves, and color can evoke any feeling or emotion you wish. Take a look at what makes vector [...]

How one photographer makes stunning celebrity portraits — fast

“It’s really all about trust.” Larry Busacca is Chief Entertainment Photographer at Getty Images, and has been a leading entertainment industry and celebrity photographer for more than 30 years.  In addition to shooting on the red carpet at the Academy Awards or in a tent at the Sundance Film Festival, Larry’s photography subjects have ranged […]

How to choose stunning still-life images that won’t break the bank

“Because of the level of detail you can include in a still life, they are an especially comprehensive way to tell a visual story — and can even provide a sensory experience.” Still-life images are having a moment. From Christian Dior’s couture catwalk to your Instagram feed, these images seem to be more on-trend than […]

4 tips to show off your brand’s corporate social responsibility — and be real about it

Today’s consumers are concerned with more than just the quality and price of the items they’re purchasing — they’re gravitating toward companies committed to improving communities and society. In fact, consulting firm Reputation Institute found that 42% of how people feel about a company is based on their perceptions of the firm’s corporate social responsibility practices. […]

Celebrating Getty Images Moment mobile app turning one

Explore some of the images that have been captured from the contributors using the Getty Images Moment Mobile app after it’s first year.

Getty Images Stream: Beautiful imagery has never been easier

Exploring the world through imagery is now only a click away thanks to the desktop launch of the Getty Images Stream application.

Discover how Getty Images is used within the post-production process

Find out how Kristine Pregot uses Getty Images video service to keep on top of post-production projects for clients.

How Snapfish inspires customers to buy and create their own items

How Nicole Leong Creative Design Manager at Snapfish helps translate creative notions into sales

Getty Images CEO says use pictures for free

Getty Images Co-Founder and CEO, Jonathan Klein talks about innovation and the emergence of content with Fox News and Digiday President and Editor In Chief, Brian Morrisey at Web Summit.