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Social Video: The content powerhouse that will help your business

Standing out on social media posts can be a challenge for any business, big or small.  Using striking imagery is a great start, but video also can be extremely effective. For example, technology company Buffer studied over 16 million posts and 100,000 brands on social media and found that on Facebook, video gets three times […]

11 Clichés in Education Imagery (and How to Think Beyond Them)

What images come to mind when you hear the word “school?” An apple on a desk? A stack of books? A big yellow bus? Such immediate associations, though ingrained and intuitively powerful, don’t necessarily make the best choice when communicating about modern education. Just like the worlds of business, sports, medicine and entertainment, the educational [...]

Most interesting man in sports? He shot 1st Super Bowl, much more

“I’m extremely proud of my sports work. But I’ve also covered everything from Charles Manson to the Pope.” The ESPN Films documentary “Keepers of the Streak” is as much about evolution and dedication as it is about football and photography. Directed by renowned sports photographer Neil Leifer, the film chronicles the decades-long journey of John […]

Boxing and beyond: Photographer Ezra Shaw’s up-close look at sport in Cuba

Getty Images photographer Ezra Shaw went to Cuba to photograph sport — boxing, stickball, soccer — and found dedication and warmth. This is his story.

A Fresh Way To Communicate Your Company’s Values

Your company values are the strings that hold your business together. You want them to inspire and motivate your employees to do their best, but if they’re not illustrated well, they can come across as cheesy or comical. Getty Images Senior Art Director Bill Bon tells us how to represent some of the most common […]

Infographic | 20 years of Getty Images

Getty Images 20 years

Behind the ropes: Ezra Shaw photographs the Masters

Getty Images staff photographer Ezra Shaw has won countless awards and covered the biggest sporting events across the globe. He’s shot Super Bowls, the Summer and Winter Olympics, World Series, World Cup and Tour de France, to name a few. But it wasn’t until 2014 that he was finally able to cross the Masters golf […]

Submitting to film festivals? How to license footage on a budget

Independent filmmakers face plenty of challenges illustrating their creative vision and preparing films for festival submission. Not surprisingly, budget is at the top of the list.

Getty Images files comments with US Copyright Office

Encouraging innovation and evolution in protecting visual works in the digital marketplace.

Year in Focus | John Moore on covering the Ebola epidemic in Liberia

Getty Images Senior Staff Photographer John Moore reflects on the experience of covering the Ebola epidemic in Liberia

Maddie McGarvey | Social issues in the Midwest

Next in our series of conversations with Reportage Emerging Talent photographers, we talk to Maddie McGarvey. Maddie graduated from Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication and later worked for the San Francisco Chronicle and at the Burlington Free Press in Vermont. She is currently based in Columbus, OH, where she has built a body of […]

Best of the Weekend in Sports – October 26th

The Top Ten photos from the weekend’s biggest games. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat and everything in between. Vote now for your favorite!

Best of the Weekend in Sports – October 19th

The Top Ten photos from the weekend’s biggest games. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat and everything in between. Vote now for your favorite!

How to hang wall photography with Photos.com

Photos.com interior design expert, Joie Tamkin walks through the process of hanging wall photography in your home or office.