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Award-winning Art Directors show the fruits of creativity + collaboration

“We know that photography can ignite, inspire and change the world.” — Andrew Saunders, Senior Vice President, Creative Content at Getty Images With each of our art directors winning industry awards this year, it’s the perfect time to highlight how they work with photographers to craft stunning imagery. “Great content is at the heart of […]

5 key visual trends from Creative Planning Manager Jacqueline Bourke

Imagery is constantly evolving as are the trends that resonate most with audiences. Creative Planning Manager Jacqueline Bourke breaks down the five key visual trends to look for when choosing content for your own project.

Ones to watch: 4 Japanese photographers whose work is like fine art

Senior Art Director Masaaki Kobayashi discusses the simplicity of the Japanese aesthetic and introduces four of Japan’s most creative Prestige photographers

Who are the Vanguardians? Cultural shift toward social good shows in imagery

Explore the world of Vanguardians – intrepid individuals and brands who foster positive, global change.

Creative in Focus | Découvrez les tendances visuelles clés de 2015

Découvrez les tendances visuelles clés de 2015 qui influencent ce que nous observons dans les communications des marques, la publicité et le design cette année et au-delà.

Full-color message for this year’s Young Lions (from someone who knows)

Earlier this year, M’Elena Holder muscled through one of the most challenging professional experiences of her life. There were long hours, walls covered in sharpie notes and rounds upon rounds of ideas… slaughtered. The 28-year-old art director had entered a US feeder competition for the Young Lions Competition, an annual, global event in which the […]

2016 visual trends: Webinar

Missed our webinar? It’s ok, you can watch the replay. Register below and listen to  Getty Images Visual Trends Director Pam Grossman uncover Getty Images’ bold new predictions about emerging visual trends in brand communications, advertising and design — and see how cutting-edge brands are tapping into these trends, now. Meet Pam Grossman: As head […]

What I learned as a Young Lion: Alex Newman and Patrice Pollack, Canada

What I learned as a Young Lion: Alex Newman and Patrice Pollack, Canada Name: Alex Newman and Patrice Pollack Young Lions Gold Winners: Cyber, 2011 What they’re up to these days: Part of JWT’s senior team, based in Toronto Words of wisdom: Your simplest idea is often the best   When Alex Newman and Patrice […]

Webinar | Vanguardians: Imagery showing social good

“These Vanguardians are the visionary leaders, entrepreneurs and public figures fostering global citizenship. And they are having an impact on imagery.” Re-watch our webinar to hear the latest research on the visual trend of Vanguardians. More than ever before, brands are redefining success to include a sense of ‘social responsibility’ and so we’re seeing brands […]

What I learned as a Young Lion: Sergey Yanovskiy, Russia

Name: Sergey Yanovskiy Young Lions Gold Winner: Cyber, 2013 What he’s up to these days: Associate Creative Director, Digital at ADV Group, an IPG affiliate and one of the biggest advertising holding companies in Russia. Words of wisdom: Believe in your idea   From Sergey Yanovskiy’s earliest days in the advertising business, he dreamed of […]

Photographer calls for mainstream advertisers to include gay couples in their campaigns

“When we’re used to seeing this kind of imagery on a global scale, it will soften the hate in people.” Photographer Braden Summers felt frustrated with how gay relationships were often depicted in imagery, as either highly sexualized or hiding in the shadows – especially in cultures where acceptance is still a challenge. So the […]

Webinar | The power of color for your brand

Discover the power of color and how you can differentiate your brand and engage your customers using the power of psychology. Hear from Laurie Pressman from the Pantone Color Institute on the power of color, and Rebecca Swift from iStock by Getty Images, on how you can translate this into the right imagery to make […]

From engineer to photographer: Story of an iStock contributor

This week, we sat down with Australian iStock photographer, David Freund, to get his thoughts on becoming a photographer, finding inspiration, his advice to aspiring photographers and predictions for image trends of the future.

Mutant nature: Climate change’s trippy effect on commercial photography

“Visually, the story is about the natural world and repicturing what that means in the current climate.” As our relationship with the natural world becomes increasingly uneasy, photographers are exploring ways to challenge our ideas of its inherent power and mystery. Emerging from this is a trend we call “mutant nature,” the movement toward photographing […]

Photographer overcomes vertigo to shoot these incredible twilight shots from a helicopter

Michael Hitoshi is best known for his ‘Twilight’ series which captures the transition between natural and artificial light at dusk.

Wanderlust? No, Wonderlust. New style of travel imagery ignites the soul

“There is a desire not just to see and do more, but also to be more.” We’ve all done it: Wistfully screen gazing, lusting after wondrous travel experiences, considering pilgrimages to faraway lands and daydreaming about outer space. Real or virtual, our fascination with the boundless beauty and unpredictability of nature’s mysteries endures. And it […]

Australia, Antarctica and awe: Two photographers find wonder in nature

Epic landscapes are becoming the concept of choice for many brands. These dramatic vistas capture our longing for wonder in every aspect of our lives, and brands across many industries beyond travel, like health, finance and technology, are playing on this.