One year ago today, Getty Images released the Moment app into the world allowing our global contributors to instantly submit images directly from their iPhone to us, and to celebrate its first anniversary we are going to share some of our favorite images from the app. 

Getty Images wanted to emphasize the in-the-moment feel of truly authentic mobile photography while making it fun and easy to submit images to the site.

Moment started its life with just a few dozen testers, then it was rolled it out to a few hundred contributors and then earlier this year we invited all of our contributors to participate.* The Moment community of photographers has now grown to a few thousand regular participants, and the breadth and quality of images is truly amazing.

Before we showcase some of our favorite images, let us share a few milestone statistics with you: over the course of the year, Getty Images has posted more than 200 requests to Moment, photographers have submitted more than 120,000 images in response (and the Getty Images team of editors accepted more than 60% of those images). One number that is truly impressive is the amount of image views in the app, a staggering 3.2 million! That’s from the community checking out each other’s work and inspiring one another!

The Images

The Getty Images Moment team members, which consists of Editorial and Creative editors, technologists and product managers from across the globe, each picked their favorite image and told us why they chose that particular one. Here are a few, in no particular order:

Luiz Castro in request “American Suburban Houses”

“What is often amazing about many of the Moment Requests is the breadth we receive from the multitude of photographers who submit. Even with the most mundane sounding requests, such as “American Suburban Houses,” the range of images we see can be truly inspiring. This photographer submitted a selection of homes in Racine, Wisconsin, that are examples of the elevated mundane. The light is perfect and the subjects, fairly non-descript American homes, are described with an utmost clarity of a Walker Evans or a Henry Wessel of the same kind of subject. My favorite of the group, shows us a two tone house beautifully rendered and offset by neutral tone dwellings, the tree in front breaking the frame with a welcoming walk leading to the front door, the house sticking out with its extra-ordinary ordinariness.” — Preston Rescigno

Shan.Shihan in request “Beautiful New Zealand”

“This is one of my favorite Moment pics from this request. It is such a dramatic photo of the region with great texture and mood. The image shows both the ruggedness of the mountains and the tranquility of the glassy lake below. I want to reach out and touch this landscape.” — Beth LaFrenier

Tim Bow in request “Offbeat Outback”

“This request made me want to re-watch Mad Max. This surreal image looks like it could be another planet.” — Michael Bocchieri

Robin Cerutti in request “Underwater Scenes”

“The bubbles, the wave movement, the woman’s body language and the color all help to bring together an image that leaves the viewer with various emotions. I like the fact you can’t see her face (expression) and most of the image is dominated by the teal blue waters.” — Afton Almaraz

Eddie Gerald in request “Breaking News”

“I’ve looked at a lot of striking images on the London Picture Desk of the fight against Islamic State, but they have mostly been photographed from within the marginal safety of the Turkish borders. Here, in this nicely shaped almost POV from Eddie, we are taken to the frontline of Tel Hamis locale inside Syria, to witness a potent victory salute by a member of the YPG forces to his colleagues atop the hill.” — Gem Atkinson

Zoran Milich in request “POV – Sport and Activities”

“The kinetic energy of this image is almost palpable. The main subject’s strained expression, combined with the gesturing arm and mouth of the man above him, lend the image a sense of urgency. The immersive perspective and framing makes one feel present in the moment.” — Emilie McKittrick

Sarah Morgan in request “Small Business”

“This image has a level of authenticity that makes me want to walk right up to the counter. It doesn’t try to impress me with festive colors and movement and expression. It doesn’t pretend. It is a real moment for a real person somewhere I cannot be.” — Amy Robertson

Mayte Torres Vazquez in request “Commuting to Manhattan”

“The immersive point of view here enhances the immediacy of this shot, appealing to all the senses. The graphic play of light and dark draws the viewer in as well with these lovely punctuations of color – the red of her hat, the yellow taxi – and the smoke becomes its own character in the scene. This is a quintessential New York City scene, completely timeless.” — Sarah Foster

Linka A Odom in request “Be Adventurous!”

“I’m really excited by the way advancements of mobile phone cameras, have allowed for the democratization of photography. We are now in an age where almost everyone has a camera at their fingertips, documenting their personal perspective, capturing anything from mundane lifestyle moments to share-worthy travel experiences. I chose this image because it allows your mind to be transported from your screen to a distant destination, imagining myself laying in the tranquil warm tones of the sun, whilst looking out at the dramatic and vast backdrop.” — Lee Hooper

Pretty nice work, right? And there’s so much more, by so many more talented photographers. Here’s a big thanks to all of them, and happy birthday, Moment!

* If you are a Getty Images Contributor and have a compatible iOS device but aren’t using Moment yet, you can download it on the App Store. If you have questions, or never received an invitation to Moment, reach out to your contributor relations team the way you would for any other question.