All of us at Getty Images believe that copyright empowers creativity. That innovative breakthroughs happen when artists are fairly compensated for their work when it is used commercially. That’s why we’re leveraging digital technology to protect creators’ rights while making millions of images available to everyone — at no cost — for noncommercial use.

We’re passionate about creating a more visually rich world. A place to share ideas, tell stories and collaborate on projects. Because the way we see it, a vibrant creative community enriches our culture in more meaningful ways. At Getty Images, we offer unlimited possibilities to make great things happen.

A global provider of digital media, we offer a variety of options to share ideas and tell stories. Whether you’re looking to license original works of art created by world-class talent or access millions of free images for noncommercial social sharing, our unique solutions are designed to meet every creative need.

Copyright law may not be the first thing on your mind when you are looking for the right content to tell your story. But it’s important. We have plenty of resources so you can get a quick overview of the subject and start finding and using images, videos and music with confidence.

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With an endless supply of images at your fingertips, everything is possible. No matter how you plan to use our digital content, we have everything you need to fuel your creative project.