Copyright is frequently in the news and here we share a selection of what we at Getty Images think are the most interesting and relevant articles on the topic.

We strive to be fair and present many points of view, spanning the full spectrum from image users who question our need to safeguard artists’ original work and livlihoods, to image creators who don’t think enough is being done to protect their original photographs, illustrations and videos.

As we balance the needs of content creators and content users, we’ll also share our thoughts or a bit of context on each article.

Whether you’re a photographer, designer, teacher or student, you likely have a point of view on what’s being discussed, too. Don’t hesitate to share a comment, either here or directly at the article’s publication site. Your opinion matters and we want to hear from you.


Copyright in the news:

April 30, 2014: Image Wars: Australia’s stance on Copyright infringement in the digital age

We’re impressed with an Australian ruling which awarded a US-based photographer a total of $24.6K (AUD)  when an Australian travel agency used his image without a license. The court affirmed that ignorance about copyright regulations is no excuse to  infringement, and that ignoring attempts to resolve the matter can be costly.

June 8, 2015: Busted: Having to Pay the Photographer Piper

In this blog post, an attorney who focuses on copyright and intellectual property issues, discusses technology which enables photographers to better track use of their images on the Web, and why it’s less costly to license than to get caught using content without the creator’s permission.  At Getty Images, we agree!

April 7, 2015: Getty Images and Microsoft end dispute over Bing photo took, ink new partnership

Getty Images and Microsoft announce a long term collaboration, creating exciting opportunities for both companies while protecting photographers’ copyrights.

March 10, 2015: Editorial Photographers UK: Aerial photographer’s damages claim achieves record height

A ruling by the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, established to facilitate resolution of copyright claims, affirms damages for flagrant copyright infringement.

October 24, 2014: Ars Technica: Getty Images says it’s trying to be more understanding when enforcing copyright

This article discusses Getty Images’ efforts to ensure our photographers are paid for any commercial use of their images, and includes comments from our legal team about how we’re increasingly focusing those efforts on businesses which have the means to license content used to promote their companies. The comments are a lively conversation from a variety of points of view.

October 23, 2014: The Independent: Dear Google, stop copying and pasting our images

Getty Images CEO Jonathan Klein discusses the issues of search engines serving up images for anyone’s use, without permission or attribution, and Getty Images’ bold leadership role as a tech company that continuously adapts and innovates to power a more image-rich world.

September 24, 2014: Ars Technica: Bugging Out: How rampant online piracy squashed on insect photographer

This is a thoughtful photographer’s perspective on what’s at stake for images and copyright online and why it’s so hard for individual photographers to police the (mis) use of their own images. At Getty Images, we do this work for our photographers who entrust their work to us.  Many of us at Getty Images found this article to be a good reminder of why we promote copyright education, seek payment for commercial use of images, advocate for a small claims copyright court, innovate with new ways to give people permission to use images for noncommercial uses, and yes, litigate where necessary to protect photographers and the value of their images.

September 9, 2014: Wall Street Journal Digits Blog: Getty Images is suing Microsoft over photo embedding widget

At Getty Images, we’re very concerned about large search engines using photographers’ content without permission to attract people to their sites, serving up ads to them, without paying for this commercial image use. Recently, Getty Images objected to Microsoft’s use of our content in a widget which allowed people to further use our contributors’ images without permission. The matter is pending in the courts and we’ll update this coverage list as the matter is resolved.