Each week the work of our photographers appears on newspaper and magazine covers around the world. In this series, we ask them for the tips and tricks behind their front page pictures.


I first met Bérénice Béjo when she was pregnant. Since then, I’ve worked with her many times and we know each other well. She knows I shoot quickly, which she likes. So when her PR agent Nathalie Lund asked me to shoot with her again to promote her new movie, ‘The Search’, I happily agreed.

We tried to create as many different pictures as we could, varying the styles so we could push to get them in different magazines. We worked with Sabrina Riccardi, Bérénice’s stylist, make-up artist Delphine Ehrhart and my friend Stephane Bodin who has been working with Bérénice for a long time. My producer on the shoot was Marie Borrel.

When I saw Bérénice, I immediately thought a light blue background would fit perfectly with her clothes and her fresh face. I actually had Grazia in mind when I was creating these pictures.

Bérénice is easy to work with; we have the same sense of humor. Sometimes we have to stop talking just to get some work done!

The funny thing is that after we finished, I made a mock-up of these pictures on a fake cover of Grazia to share with my team. And look where they ended up…

Berenice Bejo couv Grazia

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