Welcome to Getty Images ‘Creative In Focus’, the photography trendbook looking over the shoulder of the present, to get a glimpse of the new ideas and flavours we expect imagery to grow into over the next year.



Keeping track of the information that moves across our desktops and smartphones is a challenge we pick up at Getty Images every day; new technologies transform how we work and play, changing the nature, number and quality of our relationships. This shift is due to pictures.

So much of this moment-to-moment information is delivered as imagery – photos and moving images, personal and viral. These images are passed on and posted up, fuelled with comments of excitement, wonder and humour. It turns out that in the second decade of the 21st century, the ideas and emotions that images convey really matter to people, and they want to share that feeling. Imagery is the language of this century.

We’re fortunate at Getty Images to have the technology, creative resources and global reach to help our clients connect with their audiences, through imagery that reflects the spirit of the moment, that we believe is creatively and emotionally engaging.

We gather information from a diverse set of resources to which Getty Images has unique access. Alongside analysis of current advertising imagery, there’s local insight from Getty Images offices around the world, the invaluable feedback we receive from the presentations we give to clients, and the buying trends from the 80 million images sold on the Getty Images website.

Getty Images Creative Research provides this visual insight for our Art Directors, Editors and contributors, ensuring all imagery is informed by the emerging horizon.

What follows in these pages is an inspirational swatch of themes, visual ideas and photographic talents likely to emerge over the coming year.