Getty Images news photographer Dan Kitwood shares his experience of covering the ongoing conflict in Gaza. 

On August 12, I was assigned by my office to Gaza to cover the aftermath of two weeks of intense bombing.

A much needed 72 hour ceasefire had come into effect offering a window of opportunity for me to enter safely, and a brief respite to a people counting once more the cost of what must seem a never ending conflict.

At the time of writing this, having returned back to the UK, the ceasefire between Palestinian factions and Israel had lasted 8 days.  A further 24 hour ceasefire extension had broken down with rockets fired reportedly firstly from Hamas and then the Israel Defence Force.

The Palestinian death toll from Israel’s weeks-long military operation on the Gaza Strip stands at over 2,000 with 64 Israeli soldiers and three civilians killed in Israel.

The pictures below offer a glimpse into the lives of the people of Gaza during this difficult time.

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