Before the surge of social media and easily accessible video platforms, online video was primarily used by companies with large advertising budgets and multi-channel brand campaigns. Today that has changed significantly. Video is now everywhere and it takes pride of place in many marketing strategies and social initiatives. After all, if you want to learn about a product or service would  you rather read paragraphs of text or watch a video that says it all in 90 seconds or less?

The Power of Video

To confirm the power of video for consumers, Animoto surveyed over 1,000 adult consumers in the US. An overwhelming 96% of survey participants said video was helpful when shopping online. Not only is video preferred by consumers, having them embedded on your website’s pages can also lead to increased visibility in Google searches.  The bottom line: the more traffic your website receives from search engines, the more opportunity you’ll have for acquiring customer leads.


Using Video to keep users engaged

Driving traffic to your website is only the first step, keeping visitors there is what will increase the chances that they’ll make a purchase. According to the survey conducted by Animoto, embedding a video onto a product website increases sales conversions by 85%. That’s why video is the most powerful marketing tool on earth — it visually explains the benefits and features of your products or services in a way that text can’t.

Strengthening your brand

How customers perceive your business can influence their decision to purchase from you. In many cases, your website is where customers form their first impression of your brand, what’s important to your company and how you differ from competition. In the survey, 71% said watching a video left them with a positive impression of a company. Just like the site itself, the images and the message within the video are very important.

Common types of videos

There are several types of videos that will benefit your business. The first, and most common, is a business preposition overview on your site’s homepage. Overview videos are a great way to show off your business or explain your company’s philosophy, introduce your team and establish a personal connection with visitors.

Other common types of videos include product tutorials/demos, customer testimonials, holiday videos, and recap/highlight videos from recent company events. To illustrate how you can create videos that provide an overview of your business and improve your marketing, check out the example below from Hive that illustrates this.

DIY video options

Creating videos doesn’t have to require hiring professional videographers. There is a range of do-it-yourself options, depending on how much time you have and how involved you want to be in the video editing process. If you’re looking for a free option, look no further than Windows Movie Maker on a PC or iMovie on a Mac. But be prepared to spend a fair amount of time, as these are video editing tools that can take hours of training to make professional looking content.

No better time to start

Video has been the most powerful marketing tool on earth for a long time, but it’s just recently become a tool that’s accessible for marketers and businesses of all sizes. If you’re not already using this powerful content format for your business, there’s no better time than now.

About the author

As CEO & Co-founder, Animoto, Brad leads the charge in driving Animoto to be the global standard for consumers and businesses to create and share professional-looking video from images, video clips and music. Brad and his three co-founders bootstrapped Animoto in 2006 and have since raised $30M. The company has 65 employees and has attracted 10M registered users who create over 1M Animoto videos every month. Brad graduated from Dartmouth College and currently resides in Oakland, CA, with his wife and two kids, all of whom star in lots of Animoto videos.

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