“Being in the right place at the right time is everything in this job.”


I first met Chiara Ferragni back in February 2013 in New York City. Being a fashion street photographer, I was waiting outside before a show when she came along wearing a cool hat and I instantly thought, “I should shoot that.”

Being in the right place at the right time is everything in this job.

What strikes me is that Chiara seems like a genuinely kind person. Apart from the fact that she’s obviously good-looking, she has a way of standing in front of the camera which is fresh and hip at the same time, and because she’s got a nice attitude you can actually see a true personality coming across in the photos.

As one of the pioneers of fashion blogging, she’s managed to stay a leader in a now very crowded market and I think the key factor is that she has managed to make her business revolve around her whole persona and not only her authority in fashion.

I get a buzz from shooting in the street because it’s so much more realistic than the catwalk. Of course some pictures will be posed, but most of them are just candid. I like to think that this way of shooting brings the audience of readers so much closer to fashion than a runway show.

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