When it seems like photography just isn’t the right medium for what you’re working on, don’t forget about the creative power of illustrations.

In the hands of a talented and capable artist, the right combination of lines, curves, and color can evoke any feeling or emotion you wish. Take a look at what makes vector drawings such an effective element in visual content creation.

Powerful Simplicity

Never underestimate the power of a single, black line. Masterfully rendered contour drawings can say as much or more as the most detailed, colorful composition. If visuals seem superfluous, don’t be afraid to start small and simple.


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Attractive Accents

Accents make for another nice introduction to vectors and illustration. The right image can work wonders in helping a brand stand out, whether it’s applied to a logo, favicon, menu bar, or perhaps as an indicator of serialized content. With so many different options to choose from, there’s bound to be the perfect fit for any field or audience.

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Abstract Concepts

Vectors also offer a great way to express abstract ideas that might escape traditional photography.  Certain concepts in modern technology – like cloud computing, for instance – are especially challenging to photograph, and often a skillful illustration is a way to convey much more.

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Creative Alternatives

Finally, vectors and illustrations simply provide a fresh, different approach to visuals . They are inherently attention grabbing. Take the aerial view still-life, for instance. This increasingly popular photography trend can be found all over the internet — accompanying blog posts, appearing on landing pages and in social media feeds. It’s a great look, but when it starts to show up everywhere, it starts to blend in – or worse, get ignored completely. A vector is an unexpected way to achieve this look so your message will stand out.

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