Inspired by the desire to cultivate and develop our artists, we created the ultimate photography workshop: iStockalypse.

Several times a year, our Getty Images creative and art directors gather our contributors from across the international iStock community for a week of learning and collaboration. Each event takes place in a different location – with Tokyo and Dubai our most recent host cities.

“It’s important for contributors to stay abreast of visual trends,” Rebecca Swift, Director of Content Strategy said. “It helps them stay relevant, it helps their content stay relevant and ensures that they keep generating content that is going to generate revenue into the future.”

But one of the most unique things about the iStockalypse is that the artists actually get the chance to put their new skills to use, though art-directed photoshoots. This way they each have the opportunity to practice what they learned the day before.

Since 2005, the iStockalypse has brought together photographers all over the world, in cities such as Las Vegas, Seattle, Boston, Ljubljana, Prague, Austin, Barcelona, Marseilles, Buenos Aires, Malta, Berlin, Calgary, Istanbul, Cannes, London, Milan, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles and Paris.

The most recent iStockalypse took place in Tokyo, where contributors were able to capture the dynamic city and its inhabitants.

“We do (the iStockalypses) in different regions because we want to make sure we get imagery that connects to the local markets,” Getty Images Senior Art Director Bill Bon said. “Usually the photographers attending come from all over the world…it’s a real chance for everyone to come together. People that are new to the industry and business learn from people that have a lot of experience—there’s a lot of sharing of ideas and techniques. ”

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