Each week our pictures make front covers of magazines and newspapers around the globe. In this series, we ask the photographers for the story behind their leading shots.

Many years ago, whilst jovially arranging a group shot of the then Shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague, and his Lords in Portcullis House, he joked, “Never mind animals and children, politicians are the hardest to work with”. I kind of agree with him as I’ve always liked working with kids and to have some very enthusiastic subjects to work with during a shoot down at The Magical Ice Kingdom was great fun.

Walking into The Kingdom is basically walking into a huge freezer set at minus 15 degrees Celsius. I had no gloves with me, and after shooting some of the ice sculptures, my hands virtually stopped working.

When the kids arrived to help add a human element to all the ice sculptures in my compositions, my fingers were virtually stuck to the body of the camera.

I set up a remote flash and with as much crazy, whacky photographer behaviour possible, I set about encouraging some fun poses from Isabella and Ida before my hands started to seize up. As I packed away, a huge amount of condensation formed on my cameras which I had to let disperse before closing the bag.

Very pleasantly surprised to hear that such a fun photograph made The Guardian’s front page.


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