Our Legal Team’s comments to the US Copyright Office encourage innovation and evolution in protecting visual works in the digital marketplace.

Watch this video to learn how search engines sweep copyrighted photos into their search results, and why using those images without the photographer’s permission, undermines creativity.

From our opening comments to the Copyright Office:

“The value of professionally produced images cannot be overstated. These images convey every day’s news, illustrate trends and shape our society. They draw and retain users on websites more effectively than print alone. Images are also indispensable for online marketing. The professional production of images is a complex, sophisticated and expensive business. Besides the creative work of skilled photographers around the world, image production and distribution requires a high degree of coordination, organization and investment. Additionally, there is significant work and technology investment undertaken by professional photographers and their licensing agencies in the selection, editing, captioning and key-wording of images, as well as in developing search functionality and improving digital distribution, in order to provide publishers with the most sought after and relevant images in a timely and efficient manner. These creative and technical innovations benefit the general public, but this investment and innovation are threatened if imagery can no longer generate revenue.”

We’re responding to the following subjects on which the US Copyright Office invited comment:

1. What are the most significant challenges related to monetizing and/or licensing photographs, graphic artworks, and/or illustrations?

2. What are the most significant enforcement challenges for photographers, graphic artists,and/or illustrators?

3. What are the most significant registration challenges for photographers, graphic artists,
and/or illustrators?

4. What are the most significant challenges or frustrations for those who wish to make legal use
of photographs, graphic art works, and/or illustrations?

5. What other issues or challenges should the Office be aware of regarding photographs, graphic
artworks, and/or illustrations under the Copyright Act?

Read our full Comments_on_Visual_Works_072115, and let us know if you agree.