Following the mobile launch of Getty Images Stream, an app that brings millions of images to the fingertips of individuals, is now available for Mac OS X, making it easier than ever for consumers to access, curate and share the vast amount of content available on Getty Images.

Getty Images Stream is an image finding application that has been built with the user in mind, allowing you to find captivating photography around the topics that interest you most. Whether that is news, sports, entertainment or history.

The application allows a user to see the world through the lens of the Getty Images’ world-class photographers, giving them the ability to browse, save and share images through the innovative embed feature that allows easy sharing across all social platforms.

Keeping up-to-date on events has now been simplified through Stream, giving individuals the opportunity to view up-to-date photos from around the world.






Stream uses Getty Images’ API to aggregate content and includes these key features:

  • Streaming: Easy-to-navigate curated photo streams across different categories – latest, news, sport, entertainment and archival.
  • Wallpaper: A new feature for Mac OS X, choose and favorite images to display on Mac desktop.
  • Slideshow: Play slideshows of any stream on Mac or Apple devices using Apple AirPlay, including Apple TV.
  • Embed and share: Share an image directly to Facebook and Twitter simply by clicking the ‘share’ icon. To embed in a blog, click the ‘copy’ icon and paste the embed code into a blog or webpage.

Download Getty Images Stream now to find and share our most inspiring, entertaining, and thought-provoking photos. Stream for desktop can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Mac App Store today.

As always, our standard Getty Images app provides creative and media professionals with the flexibility to search, save, and share more than 60 million images with their colleagues and clients.

Download the Getty Images app for professionals