During the Visa Pour l’Image 2014 festival, photo editors from Getty Images will be available to review photojournalist portfolios.

Patrick Llewellyn, Senior Photo Editor for Reportage by Getty Images, gives insight for aspiring photojournalists wanting an unbiased opinion and advice on ways to progress.

“The photo editors will be available through the professional week at Visa pour l’Image to review portfolios. They aim to give a constructive critique on photographer’s work and advise on ways to progress. During the review, photographers should feel welcome to ask questions and seek the advice of the editor on anything from aesthetics and technique, to best business practice and how to value the work.

What is a portfolio review:

A portfolio review is a chance for a photographer to get feedback on their work. The editor will endeavor to tell the photographer what is and isn’t working with their project in a constructive manner. A portfolio review is a chance to get a reaction from the perspective of a potential client. The review will last 20 minutes, so make sure that you are prepared.

What are we looking for:

The review is not intended as an opportunity for Getty Images to recruit photographers or to buy work (although that does occasionally occur). It is more a chance for photographers to get an unbiased opinion and a neutral set of eyes on their work. The editors will be looking to review stories/features, typically consisting of around 30 images each that has been edited in to a considered and coherent narrative. The work needs to be of a professional standard and presented in an appropriate manner, either in a traditional printed portfolio, or more commonly digitally via a laptop or tablet. You must be prepared to discuss the images that you are presenting; this means knowing your subject matter and it’s relevance in detail.

How to book an appointment:

To book a time slot with a photo editor, photographers are advised to visit the Getty Images stand at the Palais de Congrés in the morning when it opens, and leave their name with a member of the team if there are slots available for that day’s portfolio reviews. These slots will be filled quickly so it is a good idea to go as early as possible to avoid disappointment.”

Portfolio reviews will be taking place at the Palais de Congrés, Perpignan from: 10am on Tuesday 2nd September until 12pm Saturday 6th September.