High-end brands don’t just sell luxurious products, they sell the perception of a luxurious lifestyle. By using sophisticated, opulent imagery in their advertising and marketing they immerse consumers in their lavish universe. Fortunately, you don’t need to have an extravagant budget to have the same effect. Here are some simple ways small businesses can inject their content with a luxe feel, at a low price.


Think Conceptual

For a project that requires a fancier vibe, a carefully selected conceptual image can give off the impression of ‘High Art’ at a fraction of the cost. Doing a search within the conceptual category yields results ranging from explosions of color to the most surreal takes on the every day. When going for a conceptual look, it’s best to keep it simple and select imagery that provokes contemplation without distracting from the core message.iStock_000086204855_Medium

Search tip: Try using search terms such as imagination,  manipulation technique, concept art, surreal and high end surrealism for a wide variety of abstract images.


Think Minimal

Another way to illustrate luxury is by employing a minimalist aesthetic. Much like conceptual photos, keeping things visually minimal can provide an air of sophistication unmatched by expensive budgets. Getty Images trend experts in fact site the power of the “less-is-more” approach with the 2016 creative trend, Silence vs. Noise. When creating minimalist, luxury content it’s critical to understand the types of emotions you’re looking to evoke and then matching that mood with the photograph.

iStock_000087402531_Medium (1)

Search Tip: Set the number of people to zero and use search terms like empty white space, simplicity and tranquil background to get clean, subtle results. You can also simply search the names of your brand colors since images with less color variation evokes minimalism.


Think Vintage

Another timeless way to create a high-class aesthetic is by using vintage looking photographs. Using images from the past effectively sidesteps any of the dogged expectations of the present and provides a backdrop that in some cases may no longer exist. The  black and white look of an image can also add a sense of elegance to any project.



Search tip:  For an archival look, try using keywords like old-fashioned and sepia

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