Welcome to Getty Images ‘Iconic Moments: Australia in Focus’, a celebration of Australian photography and photographers.


I have been with Getty Images since its inception into Australia in the late 90’s. During that time I have witnessed the changing face of Australian photography and had the pleasure of working with some of the remarkable photographers responsible for documenting Australia’s most important moments.

All moments, whether joyful, painful, serious or entertaining, are reflective of the human experience. Visuals have a huge effect on our emotions and during my time at Getty Images I have come to realise that pictures can have an extraordinary impact on people and their lives.

Today we’re bombarded with more still frames than ever before. Billions of pictures are viewed and shared every day and more and more people rely on images for blogs, websites and basic day-to-day communication. Technology is on the move at an ever-increasing pace and images are at the core of that interaction. Values, tastes, perceptions and the way we communicate are all changing.

While some may argue that the sheer scale and accelerated growth of mobile photography and social media integration has rendered the role of the photographer unnecessary, I believe that the job of the person behind the lens has never been more important. Technology has created a vast new audience that appreciates great photography and it is also changing the nature of photographs, with imagery becoming more personal.

Every day I see evidence that photographers are embracing the new realities andthrough their images—proving their relevance. Ryan Pierse is a great example of this. As our official photographer for Cricket Australia he has expanded his recent body of work to include not only the dynamic on-field action shots that we all know and love, but also unique behind the scenes photos, like his image of David Warner touching the tribute to the late Philip Hughes as he walks out to bat during day one of the Fourth Test match between Australia and India. Or Cameron Spencer’s highly emotional image of Johnathan Thurston with his daughter Frankie after winning the 2015 NRL Grand Final match that was shared across the globe.

The way we consume news is also changing at a rapid pace and access to information has never been more immediate. At the same time our Editorial team continues to produce the very best imagery.  Whether coverage of the Lindt Café siege, Fashion Week, the Arias or simply executing against an extremely busy calendar regardless of what is thrown at them, our coverage, our service and our placement is unmatched.  In addition, our curation continues to ramp and present this content in new and innovative ways. We know that people love our imagery and we are exploring new ways to make Australia’s best imagery available to people wherever they are, however they want it – like our partnership with Twitter Moments and the recently launched Notify app by Facebook.

The Getty Images Australia in Focus Collection is a celebration of Australian photography and photographers, it contains our most iconic and favourite images from Australia, curated from our growing collection of over 200 million assets.

Curation of images is key, so you can image how difficult it has been to pick only a few. I am extremely proud to launch this milestone collection in our 20th anniversary year. A collection that reflects moments of Australia through the very best imagery. I am grateful to the photographers who have created this extraordinary work and who are the true heroes of our company.

At Getty Images we believe the difference between looking and seeing is the power of the image. We hope this collection of captured moments from Australia will inspire and surprise you. Let them, that’s the power of photography.

Stuart Hannagan

Director of Photography, Asia & Vice President, Australasia, Getty Images