On Tuesday Sept 2nd, we teamed up with Tumblr to host a fashion photography event in New York City with some of the most exciting photography talent on Tumblr. 

Jillian Mercado is a fashion blogger and photographer who also featured in Diesel’s spring campaign earlier this year. Find out how she got started.

What’s the background to your blog?
I’ve had my blog, http://manufactured1987.com/ on Tumblr for like, two or three years now. It first started out as a fashion news blog and then this one time, I posted my outfit and it went viral. I didn’t know people would be so interested in what I was wearing! So then it became a lifestyle blog and I review events that I go to on there too.

So who takes the pictures of your style?
Funny enough, whoever is with me! It can be my Mom or my sister or a friend sometimes. I used to shoot with a proper camera but because I always have my phone with me, I use that now. It gives my pictures that vintage, not-so-clear vibe!

What tips do you give the people taking pictures for you?
I usually tell them to take a lot! I also know what angle works best for me. Whoever I give the camera to usually has a little bit of experience, I wouldn’t give it to my niece!

This season, we are repicturing style. How would you describe your style?
It varies. What I love to wear is rock and roll, but I also love pin-up style from the 50s and 60s. I like to mix them all together.

How do you define style?
Being confident. You can wear a garbage bag but if you’re wearing it with pride and owning it, I think that’s awesome!

What tips would you have for someone starting out in blogging?
I would say don’t post more than five pictures in a Tumblr post so you don’t take up too much space if someone reblogs you. Also, study other people’s blogs to see what they link to and what they tag. And use social media a lot, follow people and talk to them.

Which blogs inspired you when you were starting out?
Tavi Genivson http://www.rookiemag.com/ and Arabelle Sicardi http://arabellesicardi.com/, she’s also part of the Rookie magazine group. We actually became friends! I also followed a blog that I now work at called We The Urban, http://www.wetheurban.com/ I loved that blog so much and I learned a lot from it when I was starting out.

You featured in the Diesel campaign, ‘We Are Connected’ earlier this year. Have you done any more modeling since?
Yes, I signed with an agency actually in July which means I’m going to be super busy during fashion week!

What are you looking forward to at New York Fashion Week?
Going to lots of shows that I was never invited to. On this Tumblr program, I have access to everything like Margiela and Gareth Pugh which is totally awesome.

Who are some of your favorite photographers?
David LaChapelle. http://www.davidlachapelle.com/ Also Ira in this group, I’ve been following her for a really long time. She captures moments, they are really beautiful. http://ichernova.com/

Describe your dream shoot.
It would be amazing to be in a Chanel show because it’s like the show of the year, they go crazy! I also love Alice & Olivia, their shows are always magical, there are unicorns everywhere and I love it!

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