On Tuesday Sept 2nd, we teamed up with Tumblr to host a fashion photography event in New York City with some of the most exciting photography talent on Tumblr. 

Meet Sam Hessamian whose Tumblr page has led to shoots with i-D and Dazed & Confused.

What made you start a blog?
I started my blog (http://samhessamian.tumblr.com/) around 2008 to get my work out there. I can’t update my website every day so it’s a quicker way for me to show my new stuff before I put the stories together on the website.

What’s your favorite kind of photography?
I love shooting fashion for the creative aspect, but the best stuff for me is something that I haven’t done yet.  That’s to shoot that image that represents your generation. Like the image of Jimi Hendrix at the soundstage in Monterey Pop with his guitar… his head is to the side, and he’s preparing for his show that night. When I was a kid my dad brought me to a Jim Marshall show and told me to pay attention to that picture because he said that is rock n’ roll. That’s when I really understood what one single image could do. No movie could ever give me that feeling. I saw Hendrix and he became my hero right away. That one image represents the spirit of rock n’roll.

Is there any person that you would love to shoot?
Most of them are dead. Or some of them are older like Anna Karina or Jean Luc Godard…I love the French New Wave guys. Or like a younger Kate Moss.

Have you found that your blog has helped your career?
Tumblr has helped my career a lot, there’s no doubt about it. Some of my images get reblogged like 70,000 times. i-D found me there and Dazed and Confused… so it’s been a lot of help.

What tips would you give other bloggers starting out?
To get noticed, just shoot something different and put it out there. I don’t hash tag things or use social media much. I think you should just concentrate on the work.

How are you planning to shoot the fashion shows at NYFW?
I’m just going to shoot it like I shoot street style and focus on the stories. I don’t want to just take shots like everyone else… I’m going to concentrate on telling a story.

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