“The more images we see of women leading… the more normalized those images become in our actual lives.”

We live in a world where women are CEOs, heads of households and running for President. But despite all this progress, the way women are portrayed in advertising and media is not always reflective of the lives they lead.

So, we set off to do something about it. Two years ago, Getty Images teamed up with LeanIn.org to launch the Lean In Collection, providing a simple way for brands and small businesses to find images that expand the visual representation of women, girls and men.

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And now we’re looking to expand even further. Earlier this year, we launched a competition asking anyone with a camera to show us how they would like to see women represented in imagery. Winners will receive an opportunity to be included in the Lean In Collection on iStock by Getty Images.

“We’ve seen some really great changes take place in the last few years, but there’s so much work to be done when it comes to building a visual world of equality and an actual world of equality,” said Getty Images Director of Visual Trends and competition judge Pam Grossman. “The more images we see of women leading and being powerful and living vibrant, interesting lives, the more normalized those images become in our actual lives. By opening up the collection to the general public, we’re giving people the opportunity to share images of their own lives and the people they know who are breaking gender stereotypes.”


Braden Summers, a competition judge and winner of Getty Images’ RePicture contest for his All Love Is Equal series, recognizes the ability to make a change through photography.

“As important as it is to talk about the challenges women face, I think it’s equally important to have imagery that represents women in a powerful way,” he said. “Being able to visualize the change is really influential and this gives photographers a lot of power.”

Grossman agrees.

“We want to make sure that everybody can be part of this movement.”

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 The winners of the iStock by Getty Images Lean In Competition have been announced. Explore the winning images now.