From photographers to videographers, picture editors to producers, we will have a whole Getty Images crew covering the MTV Europe Music Awards in Glasgow on November 9th.

Find out what their role is and what they’re looking forward to at the event:

Julia Galleway, Event Manager

What will you be doing at the event? Overseeing the complete event for Getty Images. Pulling together the individual elements of production to ensure that we deliver excellent images to our clients.

Who are you excited about seeing? As house photographer for EMAs we have a huge responsibility on the night, so I don’t have time to watch the show, it’s all about delivery and focus. That said, if I bumped into 1D lads in the corridor it wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen to me.

Is there a picture from the EMA archive that stands out for you?

Katy Perry is an absolutely captivating performer – visually her sets produce great pictures because she is animated and energetic. This picture is great because she looks like she is floating in space and appears totally lost in the moment. What a great feeling it must have been, floating high above an arena full of cheering fans, whilst the most amazing lightshow fires beams of light all around you.

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Jeff Kravitz, Photographer

What will you be doing at the MTV Europe Music Awards? I have been working with MTV Networks in the US since the mid-80’s. In 1997 I covered my first MTV EMA in Rotterdam and Glasgow will be my 17th EMA. I love coming abroad to cover this show. My job at the event is to get great photos of  the celebs on the red carpet, backstage and onstage. I have an ‘All Access’ pass and it’s my job to get the photos that the world will be talking about the next day.

Which celebrity are you looking forward to capturing?  At this year’s show Beyonce will be a great shot, she always looks good and you can count on her to be all over the web. Also, keep your eyes on Nicki Minaj!! She’s hosting this year and is always good for a ‘surprise’ wardrobe malfunction or something else that will have everyone talking the next day.

Pick your best MTV EMA shot so far.

The original rock star Paul McCartney with the only real product of the New Wave movement that turned into a major touring act, Bono from U2. This was in Liverpool in 2008 when McCartney got the Artist of the Century award from Bono. I was waiting right behind the podium and as soon as they turned to walk off stage, I got this image. The reason I like it is that McCartney is in his hometown of Liverpool with Bono and this isn’t something you see every day.

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Ian Gavan, Photographer

Role at the MTV EMAs?  My specific role for the EMAs is to work with the communications department of MTV and provide imagery showing the build up and preparation for the show. I am on-site three or four days before the show and will capture the size and scope of the event and provide glimpses of behind the scenes. I have to shoot the artist dressing rooms, the rehearsals, the stage build and some portraiture. In addition to this I will shoot the arrivals and the show itself. This will be the sixth time I’ve worked with MTV on this event.

Most looking forward to? I heard a rumour today that Biffy Clyro and Slash may do an MTV gig on the Friday before the EMAs. I’ve not checked it out yet but there’s a chance I’ll be shooting that exclusive for MTV. Always nice to photograph some full-on rock n roll as well as all the pop stuff.

Favorite pic from the archive?

Why this one?  I like the shot because Katy Perry was on stage seconds away from delivering her lines to live TV and I’m sure she was praying for me to quit shooting her and leave her alone!

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Gareth Cattermole, Photographer

What kind of shots will you be getting at the MTV EMAs? This year, for the first time, I am lucky enough to have been given a AAA pass to produce an alternative view feature of the MTV EMAs.

Who are you looking forward to shooting? Taylor Swift because she’s great to photograph.

What’s your best previous EMA shot?

I like the composition and lighting of this shot, which works very well in black and white, showing Miley pensive before she performs.

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Ming Yeung, Videographer

What is your specific at the event?  At the MTV EMA Awards, I will be shooting video on the red carpet, fashion content at the photo call and interviews with the nominees and then editing the content for our clients, uploading RAW content and edited packages ready to market.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at the event? Where do I start? This year’s nominations are poptastic! Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Kanye West … there are too many to choose from! I am really looking forward to shooting Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and One Direction. These guys know how to work the crowd and the media, and are sure to get a massive reaction from the crowds who will be creating the buzz and excitement for the evening. Saying that, I’m also looking forward to seeing how the host of the evening, Nicki Minaj will wow the crowd!

Favorite picture from a previous EMA? 

What is it about this picture you like? It’s really hard to pick one image from all the wonderful content we produce but if I had to pick one, it would be Amy Winehouse. There is still something about her talent which I miss. I work in Camden, I covered the news story when she passed away and have always been a massive fan. Her music is missed. I love this shot because it’s of Amy doing what she does best. I love the light, the movement of the band and Amy in the spot light.

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Samir Hussein, Photographer

What is your specific role at the event? I will be shooting the show and some of the red carpet. It will be my first time shooting the MTV Awards, so I’m very excited to be capturing such a huge event.

Who are you excited to see? Seeing Nicki Minaj host the ceremony and also Ozzy Osbourne receiving the Global Icon Award should be entertaining. They’re both such outspoken and bizarre characters. With nominations for the likes of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and One Direction we won’t be short of global superstars, but I’ll be very interested to see how Royal Blood fit into all this. They’re a British rock band that have come from unknowns before bursting onto the scene at the summer festivals and securing a number one with their debut album in August. I can’t wait to see how they tackle playing such a big stage so new into their career.

Fave previous MTV EMA shot?

The photo sums up the confidence and glamour of Beyonce on the biggest stage. Only a superstar of the pop world could pull this off.

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Lauryn Levin, Picture Editor

What will you be doing at the MTV EMAs? Editing photography by Kevin Mazur.

What excites you about this event? I can’t wait to see the variety of fashion on the red carpet and during performances.

Do you have a favorite pic from a previous EMA?

Why this one? It captures the energy of Katy’s performance.

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Ker Robertson, Picture Editor

What’s your role at the MTV EMAs? I will be part of the editing team and as I will be the oldest person on the team it will be my job to say things like “It wasn’t like this in my day,” and “Why does it have to be so loud?” As I’m Scottish, I might also have to give advice on what to buy at the local fish and chip shops (chippers).

Who are you looking forward to seeing? I’m not sure what the exact running order is but i believe Sia is nominated and I know she’s touring at the moment. As Zero 7 are one of my favorite bands and she’s responsible for singing the great opening lyric in popular music, I’d like to see her perform, although I think she’s performing on this tour with her back to the audience…not sure how well that will go down in Glasgow!

What’s your favorite picture from a previous MTV EMA?

I’m going for one of Dave Hogan’s behind the scenes studio pics. Sometimes it can be hard to get something interesting but Dave often manages to capture something amusing and different. In this one, the culture/generation clash between Jedward and David Hasselhoff, two names you wouldn’t normally associate with one another, is fun, and in this frame Dave has them all playing up great for the camera!

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Simone Joyner, Picture Editor

What bands are you hoping to see at the MTV EMAs? I am hoping some local Scottish bands will show up like Biffy Clyro or Primal Scream.

Favorite picture from the archive?

I love Rihanna. She doesn’t have to wear something ridiculous to steal the show. I also loved the staging for this performance.

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Matt Baker, Picture Editor

What does your job entail? Working with other editors to select, Photoshop, caption and send images out to clients.

What music act are you excited to see? Hopefully I’ll get the chance to see Royal Blood rehearse!

Favorite previous MTV EMA picture?

Not only is this a technically great shot of the performance but it also sums up very well the spectacular nature of the MTV EMAs, with its creative costumes and outlandish set designs.

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