As gender stereotypes continue to shatter,  the way women are portrayed in media and advertising also is shifting, on a global scale. In fact, searches for “empowered woman” on have gone up 722% over the past year, as more brands look to represent women in positive ways.

It’s a trend we fully embrace. Whether in advertising, media or our day-to-day lives, the more we can visualize a more equal world, the more likely we are to achieve one. In celebration of this trend, here are five powerful ad campaigns we think everyone should see.

 1. See What’s Possible

Brand: Neutrogena

Country: International

Neutrogena’s first global campaign celebrates women who are chasing their dreams and living to their fullest potential. Instead of focusing on women’s physical attributes, the ad instead embraces women’s achievements and those who “see what’s possible.”


2. Rule Yourself

Brand: Under Armour

Country: US

Dainty and weak these women are not. Under Armour’s powerful new commercial exalts the strength, grit and determination of the USA Women’s gymnastics team.


3. Share the Load

Brand: Ariel

Country: India

While more and more women are pursuing successful careers, some are still expected to fulfill their traditional role of taking care of the household duties. A world of equality means that as women are given more opportunities in the working world, men also need step up and help in the domestic sphere.


4. Mother’s Smile

Brand: Van Houten Cocoa

Country: Japan

Most mothers feel pressure to succeed both at work and at home and many feel that they are not doing enough for their kids. This commercial dismantles the idea of the “perfect mother” and instead, shows that all kids really need is love and a positive presence—not perfection.


5. Give a Damn

Brand: Budweiser

Country: USA


Straying from the stereotypical woman in a bikini beer commercial, Budweiser instead touts the irreverent, witty powerhouse that is Helen Mirren. The sharp-tonged 70-year-old proves that women don’t need to be sex objects to be sexy.


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