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Getting started with Premium Access: How to Log in and start a search

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Collaborate and share ideas using Boards

Managing your Premium Access account

Share ‘View only’ access with external teams via Guest Preview

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Guest Preview

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Getty Images Plugin for Adobe® Creative Cloud®

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How do I add/remove users?

There are two types of users possible with Premium Access:

  • Guest Users: These users can search for content within your account and collaborate with boards, but are not able to download content. Guest users don’t need to register on Getty or have an account. Simply go to My Account, copy the URL for Guest Preview, and send it to a user. If you want them to use a board to collect images, create and share a board with them (via URL). The Guest Preview is set up to display exactly what users of the subscription are seeing (minus the downloading abilities). Guest users will need to enable the “Premium Access only” filter before searching within the subscription.


  • Users: These users can search the agreement content, collaborate with boards and download content under the agreement. For this type of user, have them register on Getty first. Contact us via email with the user’s ID and ask to have them added to your company account and enabled for Premium Access. You can add multiple users at the same time.

What happens if there are other teams in my organization who want to use my agreement (either search only or search and download)?

  • Follow the instructions above. If the other teams need ongoing access to your agreement content, contact us if you need additional volume or content added to your agreement. Each user should have their own User ID and password on Getty Images so you can track downloads and usage. (see below how to track usage)

How do Search keywords work?

  • Getty Images has very powerful search technology that is tuned for our images and video. It is different than what you would find on a search engine or image searches on other sites and will help you navigate the vast content included under your agreement.


  • Each image, video or music track on Getty Images has been catalogued using a “controlled vocabulary”. What this means is you can search very precisely by person, number of people, location, actions, objects, animals, camera techniques or concepts. There is a built-in hierarchy: for example, you could search a location for “Ballard”, “Seattle”, or “Washington State”. Each term would contain the others (Ballard is a neighborhood in Seattle which is in Washington State”. So by searching for “Washington State” it would include the other terms.


  • You can use words like “not” – so “dogs not cats” would result in dogs but no cats in the results. You can also use “or” – “dogs or cats” which would include imagery with dogs, cats as well as dogs and cats. If you use “and” it will only show imagery with both dogs and cats.


  • There are filters in the left hand panel which will help you refine your search. If you are looking for specific camera techniques or photo composition (e.g one person or two or a group), use the filter panel. When searching for videos, you must enable the video filter. This can be filtered on the main search page, or in the top right-hand corner, after an initial search has been conducted. You cannot search for videos and images simultaneously.

How can I search more efficiently to find what I need?

  • Always use a board when searching. Create a board for your project and leave it open at the top of your screen. When you are searching, just add to the board. You can always refine later once you have a complete set.


  • Use a technique called Zoom In and Zoom out. What this means is to alternate between a very specific keyword search (woman trail running, forest, rainy day) and a more general search (running, outdoors, nature) and add images to your board as you go.


  • Look at related images. When you find an image or video you like, look for other related images or clips (on the asset detail page below the image/clip) and add to the board. These can be related images account, images from the same photo or video shoot, or images from the same photographer or videographer.


  • Read the keywords of images you like. This will give you search terms and help in searching. Use boards to store the imagery you find.

How do I manage my usage? My team's usage? How can I track content used for various projects?

  • User IDs: Make sure each user has separate user ID that is associated to your agreement. Then you can track downloads by user.


  • Project Codes: When your Premium Access agreement is set up, you have an option to add project codes. These can be cost centers, departments, or other ids. These can be optional or required for all downloads. To enable this feature for your agreement, contact your admin to add these codes who can contact us. Enabling this feature will make the project code selection required for all users associated to the agreement.


  • Notes: When you Premium Access agreement is set up, you have an option to add a notes field. You can enter project comments, additional notes or other texts.  This can be optional or required for all downloads.  To enable this feature for your agreement, contact your admin who can contact us.  Enabling this feature will make the notes field required for all users associated to the agreement.


  • Download Report: Log in to your agreement, go to your My Accounts area and select Download. Click the link called export to CSV. This will give you a report of all downloads including project codes, notes and additional downloaded content information. You can use this in Excel or other spreadsheets to track usage by project, user, and content. If you need to see downloads for all users on the agreement, please contact your admin who can contact us to enable company-level reporting.


  • Available Downloads: Log in to your agreement, select Overview. Along with your agreement date, you can track the end data and available downloads.

How do I manage my invoices?

  • My Account: Log in to your agreement, select Invoices. You can see invoices that are open or paid. It’s possible to pay invoices if you are a terms customer. Next to the open invoices, you will see a button that says “Pay Invoice”. Click on the button and confirm the payment. It will be charged to the credit card that is associated with your login. If you do not see the Pay Invoice button, you need to store your credit card. Please contact us.

How do I know what content I have access to with my agreement?

  • Log in to your account. Search for content. If you are searching from the Getty Images home page, check the box for “Premium Access”. You may also click to open the Filter Panel on the left hand side. Be sure the Premium Access filter is checked.


  • If the “Premium Access only” filter is enabled, you will be prompted to “Premium Access Download”. If you are being prompted to add an image to your cart and pay, double check that the filter is enabled, as that asset might not be included under your subscription.

What do I do if my needs change?

  • Whether you need assets that are not included under your current agreement, or different usage rights or additional content collections, or just more downloads added to your agreement, contact us for a solution. It’s possible to upgrade your existing agreement, purchase a few more assets via an UltraPack or work with your sales rep to find a custom solution.

What accessories will help me work more efficiently with my agreement?

  • Plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress, or Salesforce: These free products connect your Premium Access agreement to each of these applications. No need to search, download, then upload into these tools. For example, you can search, create boards, and download directly in Adobe Photoshop with this free plugin. All you need to do is download and login to your agreement.


  • Mobile Apps: Available for Android and iOS (Apple) devices. These free apps enable you to search, download, use boards, and track usage through mobile devices.


  • Getty Images API: The Getty Images Application Programming Interface (API) enables a developer to access your agreement (search, download, use boards, report) either in a digital application or to integrate into a larger system (asset management or accounting system). Free, but requires a programmer.


  • Media Manager: This digital asset management system (DAM) enables you to track usage and versions of assets from your Premium Asset agreement plus other image sources. Available at additional cost. Contact us for details.