“I could hear the sound of children’s voices from inside the car and I knew there had been a horrible mistake, that there was a family inside.”

Testament is a collection of photographs and writing by late photojournalist Chris Hondros spanning over a decade of coverage from most of the world’s conflicts since the late 1990s, including Kosovo, Afghanistan, the West Bank, Iraq, Liberia, Egypt, and Libya.

Hondros was not just a front-line war photographer, but also a committed observer and witness, and his work humanizes complex world events and brings to light shared human experiences. Evident in his writings, interspersed throughout, Hondros was determined to broaden our understanding of war and its consequences.

This video introduces a selection of powerful images taken from Testament accompanied by audio of an interview with Chris first broadcast on NPR on March 26, 2007, as part of the interview ‘A War Photographer’s View of Iraq.’

Warning: this video does contain graphic images that some people may find disturbing

Music in the video is Concerto grosso in F minor, Opus 1, no. 8 by Pietro Locatelli (1695-1764) performed by American Virtuosi Baroque Orchestra under the musical direction of Kenneth Hamrick. Kenneth and Chris worked together on a series entitled ‘Sound and Vision’ which encompassed live music performance alongside projections of Chris’ images.  A special thanks to both NPR and Kenneth Hamrick for their contribution to this piece.

Testament is now available for purchase, with all Getty Images’ proceeds from the sale of the book being donated to The Chris Hondros Fund. Inspired by his life, work and vision, The Fund endeavors to bring light to shared human experiences by supporting and protecting photojournalists.

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