As the world watches, Getty Images photographers are busy covering every sport at the Olympics. And gymnastics is one of the most beautiful.

“Gymnastics is very fast and intense,” Getty Images photographer David Ramos said. “With photography we have a unique ability to freeze time. I was not able to see how gymnast Jiaxin Tan stretched her body during the uneven bars rotation until I edited the frame on the camera. I really love this unreal shape.”

Getty Images photographer Lars Baron also enjoys the challenge of capturing the gymnasts’ strength and grace.

“Gymnastics is very interesting to shoot because there are so many different disciplines: the vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor,” he said. “For each, the gymnast’s body moves very differently, so it’s quite beautiful to shoot.”





“A lot of the gymnasts are very young, so they tend to let their emotions show more,” Baron said. “As you get closer to the action, the expressions on their faces show how hard the sport is.”

For Baron, the Olympic Games are all about emotion.

“It’s the biggest sporting event for the athletes and the photographers as well,” he said. “The athletes show the photographers their deepest emotions, both positive and negative. Those are the moments I want to capture. When it comes to the competitions, this is what is most important to me. It’s not just about the beautiful photos, it’s a special feeling and atmosphere.”

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