For content creators across industries, catching and sustaining audience attention is more challenging than ever. We’re living in a world where audiences have seen it all – but high quality, purposefully curated visuals still have the potential to rise above the rest. Keep these four tips in mind to find truly exceptional and unique images the next time you search.



1. Bold Shapes & Bright Colors

While certain colors may be commonly associated with particular feelings or emotions – red with love or strength; blue with calm reliability; green with lush, healthy living or, at times, envy – an unexpected, vibrant burst is eye-catching no matter the hue. Studies show that warm shades spark happiness and excitement while cooler colors conjure feelings of peace and dependability. Set your tone and then find one to match.

Search Tip: Pair words like “bright,” “colorful,” and “vibrant” with the mood you’re trying to capture, whether it’s “happy,” “peaceful,” “power” or something else.



2. Eye-Catching Illustrations

With the abundance of high-quality photography at our fingertips, it’s easy to forget that illustration can be an equally effective accompaniment to our content. The point is to get noticed, and a creative, relevant piece of graphic art is a great way to garner a double take. Whether it’s a hyper-realistic drawing, abstract watercolor, trendy piece of flat design, or simple line work, the right image can add something special to your content.

Search Tip: Decide what medium you’re looking for. Search for terms like “watercolor,” “vector,” “vintage poster,” or “graphic,” along with a couple of words that are content-specific, like “coffee,” “biking,” “botanicals,” and so on.



3. Unconventional Compositions

A few basic principles govern what makes for a successful photographic composition: the rule of thirds, a non-centered horizon, and lines that direct the movement of the eye. These are important, but to truly stand out we need photos that push beyond the traditional, head-on snapshot. Atypical cropping and unexpected angles give familiar subject matter a fresh, new look.

Search Tip: Describe your desired perspective with terms like “above,” “low angle view,” or “close up,” and pair with one or two activity or character specifics to narrow down your search results.



4. Macro Detail

A high-def ultra zoom can pull a viewer into an image like little else. Magnify an everyday object and it transforms into something extraordinary, the fine detail serving as a feast for the eyes, triggering the senses. Up close, we can almost taste the orange or feel the water droplets on a flower. The spiral of a shell becomes hynoptic. Go for macro in your next image search and witness the drama it brings to your content.

Search Tip: “Macro,” “close-up,” “extreme close-up” and “zoom” will all yield enlarged results. Match with a particular subject or figure to find exactly what you’re looking for.



Discover more eye-catching, attention grabbing imagery at Getty Images and iStock by Getty Images