Modern technology moves fast. Keeping your content current means tracking all the latest tech trends—as well as the visual and verbal language used to communicate them. Here we offer some fresh perspectives on five of today’s biggest tech concepts to help give your communications an image-reboot.


Mobile used to mean phones. Now, it references a lifestyle that’s multi-device, interconnected and always-on. Any modern phenomenon from global events to a person’s pulse can be linked to mobile technology today, and your visuals should reflect this level of diversity and universality when talking about mobile, too.

Search Tips: If you’re discussing mobile generally, show the variety of ways it can be used in our day-to-day lives with search terms like “navigation” or “payment.” If your subject is narrower, search “mobile” with your specific subject like “medicine” or “banking.”



Virtual and Augmented Reality have a bigger future than just Pokemon Go. Tech-savvy businesses can demonstrate their knowledge by helping viewers envision a world fully enhanced by VR. The possibilities within education, travel, and medicine are boundless.

Search Tips:  “VR Headset” images communicate the point immediately. Alternately, try “VR” with other application-oriented words like “rehabilitation” and “travel.”

Social Media & Messaging

Even more quickly than VR and AR, it’s Social Media and Messaging Services that dominate technology today. Users spend an average of 23 hours weekly texting, emailing and using social media so visuals that depict connecting through tech will be immediately relatable for your audience.

Search Tip: “Social media” and “Texting” or “SMS” searches return thousands of results on their own. Add more specific qualifiers for the context or emotion you’re looking to portray like  “train,” “business,” “laugh” or “surprise,” and you’re on your way.


Creative new product development drives technology, and while it still starts with “light bulb moments,” that imagery is played-out. Instead, explore areas of innovation in various genres and industries to create a more authentic sense of the forward motion of progressive tech—and the human outcomes of it.

Search Tip: “Innovation technology” will give you a broad spectrum to work with. But pair “technology” with more specialized subjects like “medicine” or “sports” to drill down.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The world of wearables and smart homes is here, and forward-thinking organizations will include depictions of such connected devices to show they understand this emerging tech segment. Think fitness tech, home security, and remote control pet-feeding.

Search Tip: “Smart” is a great place to start. Add discrete categories like “car,” “exercise,” “home” or “cities” to get more specific. “Network” and “web” images portray IoT’s embedded functionality well too.

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