Each week our pictures make front covers of magazines and newspapers around the globe. In this series, we ask the photographers for the story behind their leading shots. 

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have been on a nine day tour of Colombia and Mexico. On our last day in Bogota the Prince was invited to an event with a theme close to his heart, a sustainability fair in the Ambassador’s Residence Garden.

The British Ambassador to Colombia, Lindsay Croisdale Appleby is a very enthusiastic chap and had done a great job of pulling together ethical wool producers, coffee manufacturers and such from around the country, all in his back garden.

Colombia is a fantastic place and there was a really relaxed atmosphere at the event. At one point the Prince visited a stand that celebrated Colombia’s Caribbean heritage with some colourfully dressed women from the city of Cartagena which is on the coast. Seeing the opportunity for a great picture, I managed to position myself to pre-empt the Prince meeting them. What would have been a great picture turned into a much better one when the Prince raised himself on to tip-toe to check out what was in the women’s bowl! I thought this would make a great shape for the front page rather than a square shot of the both of them.

Realizing I had a nice image, I managed to send it from my laptop during a quiet moment, balanced on my leg with cameras at the ready in my other hand! The five hour time difference meant that getting images in for the papers the next day was a challenge and they had to be sent early. Bouncing around the back of a press bus in a convoy filing images back to London is the norm on a trip like this when you don’t have the luxury of time.

The Prince and Duchess have moved onto Mexico now and seem to be enjoying what has been a great tour so far!


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