“During your career people are always going to tell you what to do, so be secure and be confident about what you want and what your vision is.”

–Rebecca McClelland, Prestige Grant Judge


Personal work is at the core of all successful photography careers. It supports creative development, giving image-makers the opportunity to experiment and take risks. It allows photographers to push beyond the boundaries of a client brief, creating work on subjects and themes they truly are passionate about. That’s why we’re so thrilled about our inaugural Prestige Grant, which will help two photographers realize their personal dream projects.

Some of the industry’s most renowned experts are serving as judges for the grant. McClelland is a well-known director of photography, Lydia Pang is the Director of Visual Content and Commissioning at Anomaly NY and London, Adam Hinton is an award-winning documentary photographer and Gemma Padley is the British Journal of Photography Projects Editor.

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Prestige Grant applications are open from June 24 to August 5, 2015. To apply or learn more, visit: www.gettyimages.com/grants.