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Five brands who get girls right

Five campaigns that demonstrate how brands can make an impact with empowered women and girls

Webinar: Genderblend – the new visual language of gender marketing

Watch our latest visual trends webinar as we outline the trend of Genderblend, and how modern and authentic visual representations of gender can elevate your visual branding and campaigns.

Connecting to the crowd: tapping into the power of sport with visual storytelling

Five ways that brands can use sports imagery to engage with their customers

Authenticity, connection keys to effective sports imagery in advertising

Discover how well-executed creative sport imagery can help you connect with your customers

Creative In Focus | 2015 Visual trends briefing – your questions answered

Getty Images Director of Visual Trends, Pam Grossman provides further insight into the 2015 visual trends predictions.

Visual trends snapshot | The rise of hispanic advertising

Hispanic Millennial’s are demanding to be seen, and as a result, their perspectives are being increasingly portrayed in media and advertising.

Creative in Focus | Discover the key 2015 visual trends

Discover the key visual trends for 2015 that will influence what we see in brand communications, advertising, and design next year and beyond

Webinar | Creative in Focus: 2015 Visual Trends Briefing

Watch this webcast as Director of Visual Trends, Pamela Grossman, as she outlines the key visual insights and trends that will shape visual communication in 2015, based upon the research and insights tracked by our global creative research team.

The importance of visually appealing to your customers

Discover the importance of visually appealing to your consumers through engaging, effective and meaningful posts.

Discover the power of video for small businesses

Video is now a staple function of many brands thanks to the rise of social media and emerging technology. Find out how video can influence your marketing strategy and create connections with your consumers.

Webinar | The top visual design trends for 2015

Join iStock’s trends expert, Rebecca Swift as she outlines the key trends shaping design in 2015, based upon the research and insights by our global creative research team.

Visual trends snapshot | Exploring space

A visual trends snapshot looking at our fascination with the wonder of space, and the emergence of ‘space travel’ in culture and advertising

Visual trends snapshot | Haute gothique

As halloween approaches, a visual trends snapshot looking at the emergence of ‘Haute Gothique’ across culture and fashion

A feast for the senses | Connecting with your audience through their appetite

Food photography has blown the concept of still life wide open, immersing us in the sensory and social experience of eating with extreme close-ups, slow motion, and time-lapse. See how the right imagery can have your readers salivating through their screens at your campaign.

Authenticity and simplicity key advertising trends highlighted at Spikes Asia

As Spikes Asia comes to a close, we look at some of the key takeaways from an event that featured 100 speakers from 88 companies, and provided inspiration and celebration around the creative work from the Asia-Pacific region.

Luxury inside out | Appealing to your audience with sensory immersion

Digital screens invite us not only to look and listen, but to touch as well. Luxury brands are playing with this notion through immersive imagery that stimulates – then surprises – all the senses. We take a look at the trend for visceral imagery amongst high-end brand advertising, and highlight campaigns that take us one step closer to a world of luxury.