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Small Cameras, Big Stories | Technology and point of view storytelling

Exciting developments in camera technology have levelled the playing field between professionals and amateurs  — so the battle now for programme-makers such as award-winning wildlife filmmaker John Downer is having to produce something better than the average person. The difference comes from investing into understanding the behaviour of the animal and devising a way to […]

Uncovering the wonders of nature with Mike Gunton and David Trood

“The more people that have a connection with the earth and respect it and love it, the more people won’t want to hurt it, won’t want to destroy it and will want to protect it.” –Adventure photographer and videographer David Trood Creative Director of the BBC’s Natural History Unit Mike Gunton and Australian adventure photographer and […]

Filmmaker uses ‘spy animals’ to get closer to tigers, dolphins and polar bears

“She came right up, sat down and lay down next to it and all her little cubs came running over. And within no time at all, they were lined up suckling in front of her. And I had the most incredible view I’ve ever seen of a lion.”

Point of view filmmaking | The obsession with getting ever closer

Audiences are always interested in experiencing stories through new points of view that draw them in, create closeness and capture the world in unseen ways. See how award-winning filmmaker John Downer has pioneered many spectacular techniques in wildlife filmmaking to truly immerse us into the unique world of the animal kingdom.