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Gender fluidity goes POP: Celebrating cliché-busting media and brands

A look at the pop culture moments, personalities and brands embracing the genderblend trend and bringing it into the mainstream

Watch now | Replay sessions from Advertising Week Europe – 23-27 March 2015

Watch replays of sessions from Ad Week Europe as the world’s premier marketing and business experts deliver inspiring thought leadership and their views on the future of the global communications industry.

As brands smudge gender lines, don’t forget the kids

As part of our ongoing analysis of the Genderblend visual trend, we look at the visual shift away from rigid gender lines for advertising aimed at kids.

Five brands who get girls right

Five campaigns that demonstrate how brands can make an impact with empowered women and girls

Webinar: Genderblend – the new visual language of gender marketing

Watch our latest visual trends webinar as we outline the trend of Genderblend, and how modern and authentic visual representations of gender can elevate your visual branding and campaigns.

Connecting to the crowd: tapping into the power of sport with visual storytelling

Five ways that brands can use sports imagery to engage with their customers

Authenticity, connection keys to effective sports imagery in advertising

Discover how well-executed creative sport imagery can help you connect with your customers

From Taylor Swift to Selfie, the keyword search trends of 2014

We take a look back at the most popular keyword search terms from 2014, from the predictable celebrity names and the biggest news events, to new technologies entering the mainstream

Creative In Focus | 2015 Visual trends briefing – your questions answered

Getty Images Director of Visual Trends, Pam Grossman provides further insight into the 2015 visual trends predictions.

Pantone and Getty Images partner for the 2015 Color of the Year

Pantone reveals the 2015 Color of the Year as Marsala, seen on catwalks across the globe this year

Visual trends snapshot | The rise of hispanic advertising

Hispanic Millennial’s are demanding to be seen, and as a result, their perspectives are being increasingly portrayed in media and advertising.

Creative in Focus | Discover the key 2015 visual trends

Discover the key visual trends for 2015 that will influence what we see in brand communications, advertising, and design next year and beyond

Visual trends snapshot | Exploring space

A visual trends snapshot looking at our fascination with the wonder of space, and the emergence of ‘space travel’ in culture and advertising

Glitch | The visual aesthetic celebrating spontaneity

The impact of the Amateur has brought a shift in visual aesthetics celebrating serendipity and mistakes as well as inspiring professional photographers to craft anomalies. To make errors, is to be human and that brings an honesty and authenticity to the visual landscape. Glitch explores this trend and looks forward to the future of the medium.

The future of the video industry

Senior Vice President for Creative Content at Getty Images, Andrew Saunders, shares his insight on the future of the video industry

Leaning In | Celebrating authenticity through Instagram

VP, North America Sales, Katie Calhoun discusses how Instagram propels girls to celebrate authenticity and evokes positivity through pictures.

Sensorial travel | Adventures for all of the senses

We take a look at the trend of ‘sensory’ in the travel industry and see which brands are taking their audience on an immersive journey with breath-taking point-of-view perspectives and lush, high-impact imagery.