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How this iconic photo of David Bowie and Twiggy almost didn’t happen

In 1973, David Bowie was already on his path to stardom, but photographer Justin de Villeneuve had never heard of him until that year, when he was introduced to the artist’s sixth album, “Aladin Sane.” De Villeneuve was staying in the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles at the time with Twiggy, the supermodel whose […]

O’Neill bows to Bowie with rare photos and peek behind the lens

Over a career spanning more than five decades, Terry O’Neill photographed some of the world’s most recognized performers, from Elton John to Frank Sinatra to The Beatles. But for O’Neill, there was no experience quite like photographing David Bowie. “His unique command of his own infinitely flexible image constituted an essential component of his art,” […]

Images that ‘Genderblend’: Trend analysis

After analyzing search, download and usage data from millions of images, Pam Grossman discusses the visual trend demonstrated by portraiture bordering gender and aesthetic expectation.