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Year in Focus 2016: A look at the most awe-inspiring, heartbreaking, and shocking moments of the year

In 2016 we saw many things through our photographers’ eyes. There were images that filled our social media feeds and saddened us: rhinos with bloody holes where their horns should be and innocent people wounded or killed in unspeakable acts of terror. There were images that lifted us: that viral shot of Usain Bolt smiling […]

Getty Images’ new CEO: Content pioneer, savvy businesswoman, lifelong storyteller

“We’re in a world now where imagery is the world language. It’s all about the power of the image, the power of storytelling.”   Dawn Airey has a warm smile, a trustworthy handshake and a presence that puts new acquaintances at ease. The former Senior Vice President of Yahoo!’s EMEA business, Airey is the kind […]