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Leaning In | International Day of the Girl gives a voice to young women

Youth leader and educator, Emily Rios discusses the International Day of the Girl which helps raise awareness of issues such as media pressures, sexual violence and child marriage to young girls.

Leaning In | Campaigns, organizations and people we love

Highlights of the best media campaigns, organizations and people who embody the Leaning In spirit by empowering women.

Jessica Bennett, Contributing Editor at Lean In: “We want to change the visual landscape.”

We meet with one of the Lean In collection’s co-curators, and Contributing Editor at Leanin.org, Jessica Bennett – about the goals of Lean In, and why influencing the visual landscape will help change the conversation around women.

Interview: Jarek Carethers – Group Creative Director, UniWorldGroup

UniWorldGroup is a North American multicultural agency drawing from 43 years of experience in marketing to ethnic communities. Group Creative Director Jarek Carethers tells us why, when communicating to different cultures, there is a fine line between ‘insights’ and ‘stereotypes’.

The new old: Advertising to seniors

The baby boomers once more break ‘the mould of the modern life course’ and with it the widespread belief that life can be enjoyed only by the young. Discover how brands are wising up to engaging with the new old.

The Female Gaze

Visual Trends Director, Pam Grossman, reflects on the slow shift towards more positive representations of women, and how brands are taking notice of the new visual dialogue around females.

Senior Style

Photographer Nick Dolding’s photoshoot throws out seniors stereotypes with a series of portraits demonstrating the vibrancy and uniqueness of the older generation.

Female rising: how visual representations of women are evolving

Images of females are changing on all fronts: politically, socio-economically, and culturally. We’re tracking contemporary depictions of women and girls, and witnessing a global sea change.

Visualising diversity

The representation of gender, age, ethnicities, bodies and lifestyles is a visual trend which can help you connect with your audiences. In this issue of Curve, we identify and examine an ongoing positive movement towards more inclusive communication.

Body Image 2.0

As technology is changing the evolution of the human body the way we define ‘beauty’ is evolving. Emerging new role models promote a greater diversity in society, creating a theme within the visual trend of diversity.

The coming out of brands

Brands are seeking to reflect every part of their audience in their marketing activities. Find out how communication to gay consumers is expanding out of targeted media as companies come out in support of equal rights.