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Mentorship Propels Emerging Talent: An Interview with Gemma Fletcher

Let’s face it: It can be very difficult to start a career in the creative industry. Competition is fiercer than ever and it can be overwhelming to know where to begin whether you’re a new graduate or someone who is just starting to flex their chops in photography. Receiving guidance when you’re starting out is […]

Antoine Bruy | Living off-the-grid

Jay Davies talks to photographer Antoine Bruy about his project ‘Scrublands,’ which documents people living off-the-grid.

Maddie McGarvey | Social issues in the Midwest

Next in our series of conversations with Reportage Emerging Talent photographers, we talk to Maddie McGarvey. Maddie graduated from Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication and later worked for the San Francisco Chronicle and at the Burlington Free Press in Vermont. She is currently based in Columbus, OH, where she has built a body of […]

Elyor Nematov | Labor migration

Elyor’s photo essay is titled “I am a Foreigner,” and documents labor migration from Central Asia to Russia.

Corinna Kern | Living on the fringe of society

Corinna Kern, who joins Reportage Emerging Talent, gives intimate insight into peoples’ lives on the fringes of society.

Alejandro Cegarra | A makeshift community

Alejandro Cegarra, who joins Reportage Emerging Talent, tells about Caracas’ Torre de David, an unfinished skyscraper that was turned into a makeshift community of squatters.