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To fight climate change, images might be the best weapons

Humans are visual beings—to believe something, we need to see it, and one of the best examples of this is when it comes to environmental issues. Topics such as climate change, contaminated water and deforestation are front and center in the public discourse, but until you see the ramifications of these issues with your own […]

Photographer saved Yosemite, changed history

“The great thing about photography is that it has no borders, it’s an international language.”

2014 Wildlife Photojournalist of the year | Brent Stirton

Reportage by Getty Images photographer Brent Stirton has been awarded the 2014 Wildlife Photojournalist of the Year

Brent Stirton on the photo which means the most to him

In this series, we ask photographers to look back over their careers and choose a picture that means the most to them. I’d have to say the image of the dead silver-back gorilla being carried in Congo, because it got a huge reaction that I totally wasn’t expecting. It also transformed my thinking about photojournalism […]