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Ezra Shaw shoots, scores: Photographer feeds off basketball’s excitement

 “As a photographer, you really feed off of that excitement at the arena. The buzzer goes off and you want to make sure you get that big picture.” Athletes are no strangers to pressure. They have to perform at the top of their game, every game. Sports photographers hold themselves to the same standards. “At […]

Boxing and beyond: Photographer Ezra Shaw’s up-close look at sport in Cuba

Getty Images photographer Ezra Shaw went to Cuba to photograph sport — boxing, stickball, soccer — and found dedication and warmth. This is his story.

Behind the ropes: Ezra Shaw photographs the Masters

Getty Images staff photographer Ezra Shaw has won countless awards and covered the biggest sporting events across the globe. He’s shot Super Bowls, the Summer and Winter Olympics, World Series, World Cup and Tour de France, to name a few. But it wasn’t until 2014 that he was finally able to cross the Masters golf […]