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Cathy Murphy | “How photographing Cesar Chavez changed my life.”

Photographer Cathy Murphy tells of a chance encounter with Cesar Chavez that led her to documenting history.

Bob Gomel’s iconic image of JFK’s funeral

With help from a secret service agent, Bob Gomel managed to suspend his Nikon camera 180 feet high over the Capitol Rotunda at the funeral of President Eisenhower. He tells the story of this historic image…

Story behind the photo | Slim Aarons

An ill-fated acting cameo led to Slim Aarons capturing one of Hollywood’s most iconic images. Matthew Butson tells the story…

Story behind the photo | Bert Hardy

A story that illustrates why Bert Hardy’s ability to think on his feet inspired a generation of reportage photographers. Matthew Butson tells the story.

Story behind the photo | Terry Fincher

Matthew Butson went above and beyond to help Terry Fincher recover his favourite shot that had been missing for 40 years.

Story behind the photo | Ron Case

As Matthew Butson explains, the secret of capturing a shot like the ‘Three Queens’ is simply being in the right place at the right time.

Story behind the photo | Reggie and the spitfires

A picture which appears to have been taken at possibly the start of an important bombing raid over Europe. However, it was an attempt to aid the propaganda war!