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Searching for Standout Images? Be Bold, Zoom In & Change Perspectives

For content creators across industries, catching and sustaining audience attention is more challenging than ever. We’re living in a world where audiences have seen it all – but high quality, purposefully curated visuals still have the potential to rise above the rest. Keep these four tips in mind to find truly exceptional and unique images the [...]

Ad is a “see it, be it” for men this time – with imagery at center

This year’s MTV Movie Awards were filled with outrageous performances, glitzy outfits and Hollywood’s biggest stars. But, it was what aired during the commercial break that really stole the spotlight — a spot celebrating young men. Getty Images partnered with creative agency Matter Unlimited and content studios Decon and Mass Appeal to create the 60-second […]

How to choose stunning still-life images that won’t break the bank

“Because of the level of detail you can include in a still life, they are an especially comprehensive way to tell a visual story — and can even provide a sensory experience.” Still-life images are having a moment. From Christian Dior’s couture catwalk to your Instagram feed, these images seem to be more on-trend than […]

Copyright infringement: how to resolve a Settlement Demand Letter

If you have received a Settlement Demand Letter from Getty Images, take steps to resolve the matter of copyright infringement.

Copyright essentials | Using imagery

Get the copyright essentials you need to know about how copyright works, who owns a copyright and what copyright protects. Turn to this glossary if you need quick information about copyright.

Copyright | Image licensing checklist

This checklist can help ensure you are using images legally. The case studies show why copyright is so important to protecting creative works.

Getty Images Embed: easy, legal and free

Discover Embed, a tool from Getty Images which enables users to share images for free, for noncommercial use. This advice will help you determine which images you can use for free and which ones require a paid license.